Beautycounter - Failure Museum


Founded in 2013, Beautycounter, a leader in the clean beauty business, raised over $100M and was sold to a private equity firm for $1B in 2021. As the pandemic receded, consumer spending went down and sales slowed across the entire beauty sector. ...

Nike Golf - Failure Museum

Nike golf

Founded in 1984, Nike Golf discontinued its equipment business in 2016. Declining sales was due to intense competition from other major brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist. The golf industry was struggling then due to a decline in th ...

Faraday Future - Failure Museum

Faraday Future

In 2021, Faraday Future went public on the NYSE via a SPAC valuing the company at $3.4B. The company has raised nearly $3B in equity and debt since its founding in 2016. As of the start of 2024, the company is at the risk of being delisted as the ... - Failure museum, a career network that connects job seekers with employers through career channels, was a casualty in the dot com bust.

Hopin - Failure Museum


Virtual-events startup Hopin raised $1.16 billion and peaked at a $7.8 billion valuation in 2021 after only 2 years of being founded.  So many VCs, more than 60, were keen to invest in Hopin that none ended up with an influential stake.  Meanwhile, ...

Sony PSP - Failure Museum

Sony PSP Go

Launched in 2009 and discontinued in 2011, PSP Go was a mobile gaming device.  Sony tried to launch a product that needed retail support to sell units, then cut them out of the value chain by selling games directly to consumers.  The retailers rebel ...

Lime - Failure Museum


Over $5B in venture funding, of which $950M went to Lime, was invested into scooter startups. The decline in ridership is due to increased competition from cheaper traditional bikes, an increase in working from home, and complaints from city residen ...

iVillage - Failure Museum


Launched in 1995 with an IPO in 1999 that valued the company at $2 billion, iVillage was a female-focused community since women were seen as late adopters of the internet. NBC Universal acquired the company, but missed the impending change of socia ...

Mark Madoff - Failure Museum

Mark Madoff

In 2008, Mark Madoff and his brother Andrew exposed the multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme committed by their father Bernie. They confronted their father over his plans to distribute hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to employees months ahe ...

Bird - Failure Museum


In September 2023, Bird was delisted from the NYSE after being valued at $12M. After a 1-for-25 reverse stock split, Bird wasn't able to achieve a $15M market cap for 30 consecutive days. Bird peaked at a $3B market cap in the public market (in 20 ...