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6 Forces of Failure - Financial

Some of the key signs that financial factors are the cause of failure include: over reliance on debt or acquisitions, raising money at too high of a valuation, high burn rate, and/or high cost to acquire a customer.

Oakland A's - Failure Museum


On June 13, 2023, the fan-made “SELL” T-shirts wore by Oakland Athletics fans during their reverse boycott night are in Cooperstown. Regardless, Las Vegas lawmakers approved a $380 million funding package for a new ballpark on the Las Vegas Strip.

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In 2023, after being founded 9 years earlier after promising humanity a flying car since 2014, shut down as it was unable to secure enough money to continue operating.

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American Basketball League - Failure Museum

American Basketball League

Lasting from 1996-1998, The American Basketball League (ABL) was a professional women’s basketballleague in the United States. At the same time the ABL was being formed, the NBA was creating the WNBA.  The ABL got off the ground before the WNBA, and at least early on

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Apple Lisa - Failure Museum

Apple Lisa

Released in 1983, “Lisa” stood for “Local Integrated Software Architecture” and was also the name of Steve Jobs’ oldest daughter.  Lisa’s user experience was sluggish, while its $9,995 price tag ($27,978 in 2022 dollars) was only affordable for the wealthy. Only 10,000 Apple Lisa’s

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Avaya - Failure Museym


In 2023, Avaya, the one-time networking and unified communications industry stalwart, filed for bankruptcy a second time and was delisted by the NYSE. At a time when both the collaboration and contact center markets were been red-hot, Avaya’s $3.4 billion massive debt obligations prevented

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Avaya Stadium - Failure Museum

Avaya Stadium

In 2014, Avaya signed a $20 million, 10-year deal for naming rights for the home of the San Jose Earthquakes. Once it filed for bankruptcy in 2017 it was renamed PayPal Park. In 2023, Avaya, the one-time networking and unified communications industry stalwart, filed for

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond spent $11.8B to buy its own shares instead of using cash flow to invest in the business leading to it’s demise in 2023

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Beepi - Failure Museum


In 2016, Beepi, a used-car marketplace, shut down after having raised $149 million. It’s challenges included burning too much money ($7 million a month) before they were at product/market fit, slowness in getting buyers the title and registration for their newly-purchased cars, and consumers’

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