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6 Forces of Failure - Team

Some of the key signs that the team is the cause of failure includes: not surrounding yourself with a strong, experienced, and engaged board and team; not giving key stakeholders, such as venture capitalists, key talent, and partners, a piece of your upside to create a much bigger outcome; the team has engaged in fraud; inability to attract and retain key talent.

Angels Cheerleaders - Failure Museum


Disney acquired the Angels in 1996 after creating the NHL expansion team, The Mighty Ducks, in 1992. Disney later sold both teams as they realized it was outside their core competency to operate sports teams. Disney unsuccessfully introduced cheerleaders at Angels games.

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Arthur Anderson - Failure Museum

Arthur Andersen

In 2002, had questionable accounting practices with Enron and Worldcom; led to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Was America’s oldest accounting firm with 29K employees.

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Bernie Madoff - Failure Museum

Bernie Madoff

In 2008, Bernie was arrested for turning his wealth management business into a $65 billion Ponzi scheme, which collapsed during the financial crisis.

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Boston Yankees - Failure Museum

Boston Yankees

The Boston Yankees were an NFL team who played from 1944-1948. The team played its home games at Fenway Park. Team owner Ted Collins picked the name Yankees because he originally wanted to run a team that played at New York City’s old Yankee Stadium. After

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Brien Taylor - Failure Museum

Brien Taylor

In 1991, the New York Yankees selected Brien with the first overall selection in the draft, but he never played a game in the majors. He threw a punch that didn’t connect, which ripped his left arm right out of the socket, dislocating his

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Buffalo Braves - Failure Museum

Buffalo Braves

The Braves were one of three NBA expansion franchises in the 1970-71 season. However, a series of missteps resulted in the league taking control of the team before it even played a preseason game. In 1978 the team became the San Diego Clippers and in 1984

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Cardinal Stritch University - Failure Museum

Cardinal Stritch

In 2023 after 86 years, Cardinal Stritch University couldn’t outrun a combination of factors, including plummeting enrollment, constant turnover in leadership, the drying up of its limited resources and the COVID-19 pandemic, which seemingly dealt the fatal blow.  

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Casetify - Failure Museum


Casetify, previously valued at $1B, manufactured custom phone cases. Consumers complained about their price and service, while their physical experience stores seemed unnecessary. They also plagiorized designs of dbrand and iFixit.

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