6 Forces of Failure - Product Market Fit

Some of the key signs of not achieving product market fit are the following: aggressive expansion outside of your core target market, inability to persuade a critical mass of consumers to change behavior, scaling go-to-market before having repeatable success with your product and/or initial geography, and/or building a product that is a nice-to-have rather than a must-have.

Allan - Failure Museum


Released in 1964, Allan, was named after the son-in-law of Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler. He was marketed as Ken’s best friend who could also fit into Ken’s clothes

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Amazon Dash Button - Failure Museum

Amazon Dash Button

Launched in 2015, the Amazon Dash Button was a tiny piece of equipment that eased the process of repeatedly ordering certain products from Amazon. Dash buttons were available only to Prime users and cost $5 a piece. Their small and compact size made them

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Amazon Fire - Failure Museum

Amazon Fire

A small app store, being late to market, and features that appealed to heavy Amazon users led to Amazon Fire’s demise in 2015 after one year on the market.

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Bacon Lip Balm

In 2009, bacon lip balm “lets you slather the taste of bacon on your chops even after your stomach literally can’t hold any more of the delicious meat.”

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Ball Boy - Failure Museum

Ball Boy Scented Candle

In 2023, Prince Vacation released these candles so “you don’t need to belong to a country club to douse your senses with the smell of fresh tennis balls and tropical sunscreen…a relaxing blend of cucumber and freshly popped tennis balls places you right in

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Barbie & Tanner

Recalled in 2007, this lets your child experience the joys of picking up dog poop! You put little brown food pellets in Tanner’s mouth, push his tail down, and then he poops them right out. The little poo pellets are a hazard to a

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