Life Savers Soda - Failure Museum

Life Savers Soda

Launched in 1981 and discontinued in 1982, Life Savers Soda actually fared well in taste tests. But it tanked once in stores. Explained one brand critic, quoted in the 2005 book Brand Failures: "The Life Savers name gave consumers the impression the ...

Pepsi AM - Failure Museum

Pepsi AM

In 1989, Pepsi A.M. was introduced to the breakfast market. It was a soda designed to provide a caffeine boost to consumers who preferred a carbonated drink over coffee or tea in the morning. The product was marketed with the tagline “The All-Night ...

Crystal Pepsi - Failure Museum

Crystal Pepsi

In 1993, Crystal Pepsi failed after not having a clear target audience. PepsiCo’s marketing strategy was aimed at capturing the attention of consumers who preferred a healthier alternative to traditional soda, but the ‘clear’ appearance of the drin ...

Coke II

Coke II

In 1990, Coke II was reformulated due to losing market share to diet soft drinks and non-cola drinks.