Moog Theremini - Failure Museum

Moog Theremini

A theremini is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the performer (who is known as a thereminist). The thereminist stands in front of the instrument and moves their hands in the proximity of two metal antennas. I ...

Google Search Appliance - Failure Museum

Google Search Appliance

The Google Search Appliance, introduced in 2002, was a rack-mounted computer device that provided document indexing functionality. Demand for a hardware appliance waned as cloud-based alternatives were made available.

AWS DeepLens - Failure Museum

AWS DeepLens

Launched in 2018, AWS discontinued DeepLens in 2024. It was the world's first deep-learning enabled video camera for developers. It was designed to help users grow their machine learning skills through hands-on computer vision tutorials, example c ...

Nike Golf - Failure Museum

Nike golf

Founded in 1984, Nike Golf discontinued its equipment business in 2016. Declining sales was due to intense competition from other major brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist. The golf industry had been had been struggling in recent yea ... - Failure Museum

In 1999, had an IPO. In 2002 the company merged with Prologue, but there was infighting as both companies wanted to have the flagship product. This led to MLB acquiring the company in 2005 for $66M.

Sports Illustrated - Failure Museum

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated's circulation peaked 30 years ago and has been declining ever since. In 2018 it went biweekly and in 2020 it went monthly. Total annual circulation has fallen off a cliff leading to its demise in 2023.. When SI started up, it ...

Fruit Stripe - Failure Museum

Fruit Stripe

In 2023, Fruit Stripe, which was launched 54 years ago was known for its fruit-inspired flavors and zebra-print product was discontinued. The gum came in five flavors: Wet n’ Wild Melon, Cherry, Lemon, Orange and Peach. Each pack came with a tempor ...

CNN+ Plus - Failure Museum


In 2022, CNN pulled the plug on the network’s $100 million venture into online streaming only 3 weeks after launching CNN Plus. CNN Plus was the cable-news giant’s bet on digital streaming and its hedge against the rising popularity of the “cord ...

Palm Treo - Failure Museum

Palm Treo

Palm Treo was developed by Handspring, which Palm acquired in the early 2000s. Palm, one of the earliest makers of smartphones, was unable to follow up its success in the personal organizer business. The company was slow to realize that consumers w ...

Sports Authority Field - Failure Museum

Sports Authority Field

Sports Authority signed a 25 year, $6 million per year naming rights deal with the Denver Broncos in 2011. The deal was forfeited when Sports Authority shut down in 2016. The current stadium name is Empower Field at Mile High. Sports Authority ...