Atari’s E.T. Game - Failure Museum

Atari’s E.T. Game

Atari's game, Extra-Terrestrial, was designed in a record five weeks by a single programmer in 1982. The game was a commercial failure due to its poor quality and difficult gameplay. Atari struggled to recover from the poor sales of E.T. and never r ...

Sony PSP - Failure Museum

Sony PSP Go

Launched in 2009 and discontinued in 2011, PSP Go was a mobile gaming device.  Sony tried to launch a product that needed retail support to sell units, then cut them out of the value chain by selling games directly to consumers.  The retailers rebel ...

Nintendo Virtual Boy - Failure Museum

Nintendo’s virtual boy

In 1995, Nintendo brought virtual reality (VR) to the masses with Virtual Boy, which turned out to be its biggest failure of all time. It was a stilt-legged tabletop gaming machine, which offered stereoscopic 3D graphics. The device was not a commer ...

Atari - Failure Museum


In 1983, market saturation, high number of poor quality games, and growing interest in personal computers killed Atari.