ESPN Mobile Phone - Failure Museum

ESPN Mobile Phone

Launched and discontinued in 2006, ESPN burned through $150M (including $30M on a Super Bowl ad) for its mobile phone and only hit 6% of its sales target. ESPN built a wireless service and special phone so sports nuts could receive score updates, l ...

Katerra - Failure Museum


Founded in 2015 and shut down in 2021 after raising $2B, Katerra's goal was to be a one-stop-shop, vertically integrated, construction project management company. Katerra emphasized very heavily on growth, disruption, and innovation, without having ...

Tucupita Marcano - Failure Museum

Tucupita Marcano (banned from MLB)

In 2024, Major League Baseball has permanently banned Tucupita Marcano after determining that the infielder placed hundreds of bets on baseball, including wagers on games involving the Pittsburgh Pirates when he was with the team in 2023. Marcano ...

Beyond Meat - Failure Museum

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat, a plant-based protein alternative, has struggled because their products don't live up to shoppers' standards for taste and flavor. The stock peaked at a $15 billion market cap and as of mid-2024 was down to $500 million.

American Basketball League - Failure Museum

American Basketball League

Lasting from 1996-1998, The American Basketball League (ABL) was a professional women's basketballleague in the United States. At the same time the ABL was being formed, the NBA was creating the WNBA.  The ABL got off the ground before the WNBA, ...

Peloton - Failure Museum


After peaking at a $45B valuation in 2020, Peloton was worth $1B in mid-2024. The connected fitness company carved its way into the mainstream as a solution to shuttered gyms during the early days of the Covid pandemic. But then it made the critica ...

Red Lobster - Failure Museum

Red Lobster

Founded in 1968, Red Lobster brought seafood to landlocked people at more affordable prices than fine-dining restaurants. In 2024, the debt-laden seafood chain announced it was considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Red Lobster w ...

Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL) - Failure Museum

Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)

The Brooklyn Dodgers played in the NFL from 1930 to 1943. Its home games were played at Ebbets Field, also the home of MLB's Brooklyn Dodgers. 

Los Angeles Kiss - Failure Museum

Los Angeles Kiss

Starting in 2013, the Los Angeles Kiss was an Arena Football League team owned by Kiss lead members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. The games were themed to echo a Kiss music concert: games opened with an electric guitar rendition of The Star-Spangl ...

Bobby Bonilla - Failure Museum

Bobby Bonilla’s Mets Contract

The Mets released Bonilla in January 2000 but were still on the hook for his $5.9 million salary that season. Believing they were poised to make a significant profit through their investments with Bernie Madoff, Mets ownership instead agreed to defe ...