Juicero - Failure Museum


The Juicero Press, a Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen appliance that squeezed juice out of pre-packaged pouches, finally hit the market in 2016 after three years of development and nearly $100M of capital raised. Only a year later, Bloomberg released an artic ...

Growing Up Skipper

Growing Up Skipper

In 1975, you could rotate her arm and she develops breasts that popped out from her concave rubber chest.

Theranos - Failure Museum


Raised $1.3B and lied to patients to keep partners and investors happy leading to it's demise in 2018.

Miss Bic - Failure Museum

Miss Bic

In 2012, Bic created a pencil for women. Yes — a pencil for women — since it’s share amongst women was lagging. Miss Bic didn’t solve that problem, as you could guess. Ellen gives a review in 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCyw3prIWhc


Harley-Davidson cologne

In 1996, this extension of the brand was too far for lovers of the motorcycle; reeked the scent of tobacco.

Webvan- Failure Museum


Webvan raised $880M to launch in 10 cities before they had proven one leading to their demise in 2001.  Webvan needed $1B for each distribution warehouse in a category with small margins (e.g., 5% on groceries), while the company had a 5:1 expense t ...

Blockbuster - Failure Museum


In 1994, Viacom bought Blockbuster for $8.4 billion. In 2000, the year after its IPO, Blockbuster turned down an opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million as it failed to recognize the opportunity to move online quick enough. In 2004, Blockbuster h ...

Jarts - Failure Museum


In 1988, lawn darts with metal spikes were banned in America by the Consumer Product Safety Commission due to the severe danger they presented. From 1978 to 1986 lawn darts were responsible for an estimated 6,100 hospital emergency-room treated inj ...

FTX - Failure Museum


FTX, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, once valued at $32B in January 2022, scammed billions from crypto-currency users. The company had built its business on risky trading options that are not legal in the U.S. It was discovere ...