Sony Portable TV - Failure Museum

Sony Portable TV

Sony launched a portable TV in 1960 and discontinued it in 1962. It was priced high as it was innovative in many ways, so, to the average consumer it was something of a luxury item and not a practical buy. Additionally, this television was rather pr ...

Pied Piper - Failure Museum

Pied Piper

In 2014, Pied Piper was formed on the HBO show Silicon Valley. The company built a cloud based compression platform to allow users to compress and share their files between their devices. They build a platform which contains a neural net which ...

Captain Power - Failure Museum

Captain Power

Created in 1987, kids would point the ship at the TV during battle sequences to shoot enemy robots and spaceships.

Schwetty Balls

Schwetty Balls

Alec Baldwin played entrepreneur Pete Schwetty on Saturday Night Live’s 24th season in 1998.