Palm Pree - Failure Museum

Palm Pre

Launched in 2009, the Palm Pre’s biggest disadvantage was its app store, which had only about a dozen apps, compared with over 40,000 for the iPhone. There were only a handful of buttons, and these were rubbery and protruded too little from the bod ...

YotaPhone - Failure Museum


Launched in 2012 in Russia, Yota’s manufacturer, Hi-P Singapore, sued for $126M in 2015 because YotaPhone reportedly refused to take delivery (and presumably pay for) the minimum number of phones it agreed to order. Yota Devices was unable to pay t ...

HP Veer - Failure Museum

HP Veer

In May 2011, the Veer smartphone was released and then it was discontinued in August 2011. The Veer is a minimal 3.3 inches long and just 2.1 inches wide with a screen that measures just 2.6 inches diagonally. That size makes it ultraportable, but ...



Excessive focus on enterprise over consumer tastes and preferences led to it's downfall in 2016. At its height, BlackBerry controlled 45% of the cellphone market.