Raised over $250 million and turned down multiple offers to sell for $1 billion or more. Product and customer success challenges led to it's demise in 2021 when it sold for $25M.

Theranos - Failure Museum


Raised $1.3B and lied to patients to keep partners and investors happy leading to it's demise in 2018.

Arthur Anderson - Failure Museum

Arthur Andersen

In 2002, had questionable accounting practices with Enron and Worldcom; led to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Was America's oldest accounting firm with 29K employees.

WeWork - Failure Museum


Four years after having the highest startup valuation in the country at $47 billion, WeWork filed for bankruptcy in 2023. The business model was vulnerable to softening of the office market. WeWork signed 10-20 year leases, most during the office ...


Rainwater Tech

Failed SPAC IPO in 2023 led to its demise. They aspired to be the leader in the development of rainfall generation technology.

Admiral Gardner

East India Company

Was the largest company in the world & accounted for half the world’s trade; recurring problems with finances led to it's demise in 1874.

Enron - Failure Museum


In 2007, they hid mountains of debt and toxic assets from regulators and investors using a combination of shell companies (special purpose entities), creative revenue recognition, aggressive mark to market practices, and outright fraud. None of thi ...



Excessive focus on enterprise over consumer tastes and preferences led to it's downfall in 2016. At its height, BlackBerry controlled 45% of the cellphone market.

Google Glass - Failure Museum

Google Glass

In 2018, Google Glass lacked the “cool” factor; concerns about price, safety, and privacy.