Blackberry World Edition - Failure Museum

Blackberry World Edition

Released in 2007, the World Edition was designed for those who frequently travel overseas. It provides voice coverage in 157 countries and e-mail coverage in 62 countries.

Blackberry Storm - Failure Museum

Blackberry Storm

In 2008, Blackberry Storm was RIM’s first attempt at an iPhone rival. Here’s where they went wrong: virtually every single one of the 1 million phones shipped were faulty and needed to be replaced. Blackberry knew the device had major issues, but f ...

HTC First - Failure Museum

HTC First “Facebook Phone”

In 2013, it was the first and only Android device to be pre-loaded with Facebook's own user interface layer. Panned by critics for its poor camera and lack of removable storage, and was also affected by the similarly underwhelming reception faced b ...