Chevy Nova - Failure Museum

Chevy Nova

Launched in 1962, Chevrolet had problems selling the Chevy Nova automobile in Latin America since "no va" means "it doesn't go" in Spanish.

AMC Pacer - Failure Museum

AMC Pacer

The 1975-80 AMC Pacer was a key factor in American Motors’ demise as an independent automaker. The Pacer was AMC’s most costly new car of the 1970s.  Because of the car's heft it consumed a lot of oil, gas mileage and acceleration was weak, and lon ...

Beepi - Failure Museum


In 2016, Beepi, a used-car marketplace, shut down after having raised $149 million. It's challenges included burning too much money ($7 million a month) before they were at product/market fit, slowness in getting buyers the title and registration f ...

Tata Nano - Failure Museum

Tata Nano

Launched in 2008, the Tata Nano was a microcar intended to appeal to current riders of motorcycles and scooters. Announced as the most affordable production car in the world, the price was brought down by dispensing with most nonessential features, ...

Fast 111

Fast 111’s

Released in 1980 and discontinued in 1983, Kenner wasn't able to compete with the popularity of Hot Wheels. Each car had a "one of a kind license plate" and a "certificate of ownership" for the owner to fill out to add to the personal ownership con ...