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In 1995, Mattel released Barbie's baby sister Kelly. She was retired in 2010 and replaced by Chelsea in 2011. Kelly and Chelsea are the same character, only with a new name.



1973 discontinued doll who was the younger brother of Barbie



Christie was Barbie's first African American friend in 1968. She was discontinued when Barbie got Nikki as her new African American friend in 1996 despite both dolls having the same face.



Barbie's Australian ex-boyfriend, whom she dated in 2004 during her much-publicized "breakup" with Ken



Tutti is a discontinued character who was the younger sister of Barbie and Skipper from 1965 to 1971. She was in grade school and had a bendable body.

Barbie President

Barbie For President

Barbie has been running for President in every election year since 1992. This Barbie is from 1991.

Barbie Teacher

Teacher Barbie

In 1995, Teacher Barbie was recalled because her lack of panties caused media controversy.

Barbie dog

Barbie & Tanner

Recalled in 2007, this lets your child experience the joys of picking up dog poop! You put little brown food pellets in Tanner’s mouth, push his tail down, and then he poops them right out. The little poo pellets are a hazard to a kid’s health.

Allan - Failure Museum


Released in 1964, Allan, was named after the son-in-law of Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler. He was marketed as Ken's best friend who could also fit into Ken's clothes

Earring Magic

Earring Magic Ken

In 1993, this model of the Ken doll was dressed in a lavender mesh shirt, purple pleather vest, a ring necklace, and an earring in his left ear. Mattel did a survey amongst girls who wanted Ken to be “cooler." Mattel took him off store shelves 6 w ...