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Cardinal Stritch

In 2023 after 86 years, Cardinal Stritch University couldn’t outrun a combination of factors, including plummeting enrollment, constant turnover in leadership, the drying up of its limited resources and the COVID-19 pandemic, which seemingly dealt t ...

Red Skins

Sheboygan Red Skins

In 1951, the team failed to secure corporate money or a big enough fan base.  The Bucks became Wisconsin’s NBA team in 1968.

Milwaukee Badgers

Milwaukee Badgers

After 5 seasons in the league, the Badgers were winless in 10 attempts against the Packers and dwarfed the Packers in attendance. In 1926, due to financial difficulties they couldn’t keep their star players so Green Bay became WI’s NFL team.


Seattle Pilots

In 1969, unable to finance a new stadium, they were purchased for $10.8M and became the Milwaukee Brewers.