Deshaun Watson - Failure Museum

Deshaun Watson

In 2022, the Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, who was then a quarterback for the Houston Texans.  Many experts consider this the worst trade in NFL history where the Browns traded three first round picks, two third round picks, one fourth ...

Rickey Williams - Failure Museum

Ricky Williams

In 1999, Mike Ditka of the New Orleans Saints moved up in the NFL draft from the 12th to the 5th pick so he could select Ricky Williams. To do so, his team traded every pick it had in the 1999 draft, plus two of its first three picks in the 2000 NF ...

Milwaukee Badgers

Milwaukee Badgers

After 5 seasons in the league, the Badgers were winless in 10 attempts against the Packers and dwarfed the Packers in attendance. In 1926, due to financial difficulties they couldn’t keep their star players so Green Bay became WI’s NFL team.

Johnny Manziel - Failure Museum

Johnny Manziel

In 2016, several off-field issues, including substance abuse problems, derailed his career.

San Francisco Demons

XFL & San Francisco Demons

In 2001, NBC dropped the XFL after one season due to dismal ratings. After an opening night with a 9.5 Nielsen rating which was 86% higher than the Saturday night average, by week 9 the XFL set the record for the lowest rated TV show in prime time. ...

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson

In 2007, O.J. was found guilty of kidnapping, armed robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. He was sentenced to 33 years, with the possibility of parole after nine.



Summer football when the NFL was in their off-season; attempted move to a fall season to compete with the NFL in 1985


Ryan Leaf

The biggest bust in NFL history; #2 overall pick by the Chargers in 1998; 4-17 record; 36 interceptions to 14 touchdowns