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Hollywood Entertainment was one of the first brick-and-mortar firms to partner up with a dotcom, purchasing Reel for $100 million in July 1998. Amazon became the leader in video sales in a market which was nearly winner-take-all. This l ...

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Introduced in 1975, Sony hoped that the video cassette tape industry and all other manufacturers would adopt the Beta Tape as the standard industry format. Unfortunately JVC, a Japanese-owned rival brand, decided to create their own format, VHS, i ...


April O’Neil

In 2012, “Ravishing Reporter” action figure had a detachable skirt in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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In 2019, hoped subscribers wouldn’t use the service regularly — like gyms, which use no-show subscribers to financially offset their heavy users.



In 2016, lost share to services that offer more convenience, value and selection — with instant viewing across multiple devices.