Angels Cheerleaders - Failure Museum


Disney acquired the Angels in 1996 after creating the NHL expansion team, The Mighty Ducks, in 1992. Disney later sold both teams as they realized it was outside their core competency to operate sports teams. Disney unsuccessfully introduced cheer ...

10 cent beer night - Failure Museum

Ten Cent Beer Night

In 1974, the "Ten Cent Beer Night" promotion by the Cleveland Indians was meant to improve attendance by offering cups of beer for just 10 cents, a substantial discount on the regular price of 65 cents. There was a limit of six beers per purchase b ...

Herb Washington - Failure Museum

Herb Washington

From 1974-1975, Herb was the A's designated runner. He had no professional baseball experience and wasn't asked to develop other baseball skills. This 1975 Topps baseball card is the only baseball card ever released that uses the "pinch runner" po ...

Brien Taylor

Brien Taylor

In 1991, the New York Yankees selected Brien with the first overall selection in the draft, but he never played a game in the majors. He threw a punch that didn't connect, which ripped his left arm right out of the socket, dislocating his shoulder ...

Oakland A's - Failure Museum


On June 13, 2023, the fan-made "SELL" T-shirts wore by Oakland Athletics fans during their reverse boycott night are in Cooperstown. Regardless, Las Vegas lawmakers approved a $380 million funding package for a new ballpark on the Las Vegas St ...


Seattle Pilots

In 1969, unable to finance a new stadium, they were purchased for $10.8M and became the Milwaukee Brewers.


Montreal Expos

In 2004, with financial losses due to low TV revenue and attendance, they sold off most of their key players.