Los Angeles Kiss - Failure Museum

Los Angeles Kiss

Starting in 2013, the Los Angeles Kiss was an Arena Football League team owned by Kiss lead members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. The games were themed to echo a Kiss music concert: games opened with an electric guitar rendition of The Star-Spangl ...

Milwaukee Mustangs - Failure Museum

Milwaukee Mustangs

Milwaukee Mustangs was anArena Football League franchise from 1994-2001. The franchise started with a 0-12 campaign in 1994. Over the course of the eight-season span, Milwaukee only made the playoffs four times. The team never won its division, nev ...

PAC-12 - Failure Museum

Pac-12 Conference

Fell apart in 2023 after refusing to partner with ESPN or Fox and instead build isn't own TV network, which generated much less money for schools than other conferences.

Johnny Manziel - Failure Museum

Johnny Manziel

In 2016, several off-field issues, including substance abuse problems, derailed his career.


Detroit Lions 2008

In 2008, their 79th season, the Lions became the first NFL team to finish winless once the regular season expanded to 16 games.  They finished with an 0-16 record. In 1976, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the NFL's first winless team once the season e ...