Too Cool to do Drugs - Failure Museum

“Too Cool to Do Drugs” Pencils

In the 1990's, TIL A company made pencils with the anti-drug slogan "Too Cool to Do Drugs" but had to recall them because, when sharpened, they read "Do Drugs"

Bill Ripken Error Baseball Card - Failure Museum

Bill Ripken Error Card

During a time period in which manufacturers were rushing to produce as many cards as possible to keep up with demand, Fleer became a bit careless with its Bill Ripken 1989 Fleer baseball card. Ripken carved the phrase in the bat. Bill noticed tha ...

Facebook Workplace - Failure Museum

Facebook Workplace

In 2024, Meta shut down Workplace, a version of Facebook that had been built to enable communication among business teams and wider organizations. That marked the end of a ten-year run for the product, which peaked at 7 million paid subscribers. M ...

Yikes! Pencils - Failure Museum

Yikes! Pencils

Released in 1993 since kids liked to customize their pencils with stickers or even their own inscriptions applied via thumbnail. The designer suspected wooden pencils that didn’t look like wood might have an appeal. They offered Yikes! pencils in a ...

Onyx Motorbike - Failure Museum

Onyx Motorbike

Onyx Motorbike went out of business in 2023. The category is super crowded, while most of the frames are not straight, sport mode cuts out frequently, and have trouble hitting 50+ even though they claim 60. The wiring inside them is a complete mes ...

Amazon Go's Just Walk Out - Failure Museum

Amazon Go’s “Just Walk Out”

Launched in 2016 and discontinued in 2024, Amazon gave up on the cashier-less "Just Walk Out" technology at its Amazon Fresh grocery stores. New stores will be built without computer-vision-powered surveillance technology, and "the majority" of exis ...

Milwaukee Mustangs - Failure Museum

Milwaukee Mustangs

Milwaukee Mustangs was an Arena Football League franchise from 1994-2001. The franchise started with a 0-12 campaign in 1994. Over the course of the eight-season span, Milwaukee only made the playoffs four times. The team never won its division, ne ...

Atari’s E.T. Game - Failure Museum

Atari’s E.T. Game

Atari's game, Extra-Terrestrial, was designed in a record five weeks by a single programmer in 1982. The game was a commercial failure due to its poor quality and difficult gameplay. Atari struggled to recover from the poor sales of E.T. and never r ...

Snap's Pixy Drone - failure Museum

Snap’s Pixy Drone

In 2024, Snap discontinued its Pixy flying selfie camera drone after just four months. The company recalled all 71K drones it sold because their batteries pose a fire hazard.

23andMe - Failure Museum


After peaking at an $8.5 billion valuation in the public market in 2021, 23andMe is at risk of being delisted from the Nasdaq in early 2024 as it's stock is down 96%. Security breaches impacted 6.9 million users and they have struggled to find a wa ...