Microsoft Bob - Failure Museum

Microsoft Bob

Released in 1995 and discontinued in 1996, Microsoft Bob was a cartoon interface designed to be a more user friendly interface for Windows. Bob was criticized in the media and did not gain wide acceptance with users as the interface was slower and m ...


One Laptop Per Child

Introduced in 2005 at a cost of $100 when it's competitors cost $1000 or more. Cutting so many corners the laptop barely worked and had less memory and storage than a budget smartphone.

Cat -


Prior to being shut down in 2002, millions of the cat-shaped bar-code scanners were shipped for free, in hopes that people would use them to scan specially marked bar codes to visit Internet sites. This was no easier than typing a link.



Released in 2006, the Chumby was an internet-connected version of an otherwise dumb object. This original Chumby was an internet alarm clock with a touchscreen.


Oakley Thump

In 2004, Oakley created MP3-player sunglasses that people didn’t want to wear indoors.


Sony Walkman

In 2001, failure to innovate in a category it created paved the way for the Apple iPod.

American Motors - Failure Museum

American Motors

In 1987, built gas guzzler cars just before a recession and fuel costs soared.



In 1977, unitary franchised stores owned by local pharmacists lost to discount chains who did block purchasing.

MoviePass - Failure Museum


In 2019, MoviePass hoped subscribers wouldn’t use the service regularly — like gyms, which use no-show subscribers to financially offset their heavy users.  But it's easier to get people to the movies than the gym. MoviePass subscribers, who love ...


Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines reduced its fares and offered special business perks to attract customers at the same time as fuel prices spiked. In 2005 they filed for bankruptcy and later merged with Delta.