NeXT_Computer - Failure Museum

NeXT Computer

With NeXT, Jobs wanted to create computers for universities and researchers. NeXT was a project where Jobs could regain the control he had lost at Apple, and he was confident enough in this idea to invest $12 million of his own money. In 1988, NeXT ...

Nokia Phone - Failure Museum

Nokia phone

In 2014, Nokia phone failed as it failed to adapt to the competition posed by Apple's iPhone and Google's Android. 

Apple PowerMac G4 Cube - Failure Museum

Apple’s Power Mac G4 Cube

Launched in 2000, Apple's Power Mac G4 Cube was conceived by Steve Jobs as a powerful, miniaturized desktop computer.  It was discontinued a year later due to the high cost of the machine compared to its power, its limited expandability, and cosmeti ...

Galileo - Failure Museum

Galileo by Motrr

In 2015, Galileo was an iOS-controlled, robotic motion platform for iPhones and iPod Touches. It allowed someone to mount an iphone to the device and remotely rotate it horizontally and vertically for filming. It was invented by the folks that inve ...

Apple Lisa - Failure Museum

Apple Lisa

Released in 1983, "Lisa" stood for "Local Integrated Software Architecture" and was also the name of Steve Jobs' oldest daughter.  Lisa's user experience was sluggish, while its $9,995 price tag ($27,978 in 2022 dollars) was only affordable for the ...

Apple3 - Failure Museum

Apple III

Released in 1980 and discontinued in 1984, the Apple III was dogged by many design faults, such as chips coming out of sockets, real time clocks not working, and excessive heat problems due to over populated boards.