Empirical Doritos - Failure Museum

Empirical Doritos

Launched in 2023, consumers can "experience the indulgent flavors of their favorite snack in a liquid form with Empirical Doritos." Made from real nacho cheese and corn tostada, this spirit opens with umami and tangy aromas, before finishing on a so ...

Four Loko - Failure Museum

Four Loko

In 2005, Four Loko, aka the blackout-in-a-can, was banned by the FDA. Created in a fraternity basement, Four Loko provided the equivalent of 4 glasses of wine and a couple of Red Bulls - a potent recipe.


Busch Light Apple

Seasonal beer that hasn’t had the staying power of summer favorites like Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy led to it's demise in 2022.



In 1993, was lighter than beer but wasn’t a wine cooler; was too feminine for their male audience.